It’s Here! Blue, Too

Posted: August 11, 2014 by Still Blue Project in Blue News

Front Cover

Blue, Too: More Writing by (for or about) Working-Class Queers contains work by twenty writers, including Rigoberto González, Timothy Anderson, John Gilgun, Judy Grahn, Tara Hardy, Keith Banner, Carter Sickels, and Renny Christopher, to name a few, who speak meaningfully—in short fiction, memoir, performance pieces, and prose poems—about queers in and from the working class.

Blue, Too entertains and challenges, but most of all provides a touchstone for queer working-class writers and readers, illuminating our realities, our struggles, and our resistance to assimilation and mental gentrification.

Blue, Too: More Writing by (for or about) Working-Class Queers is both a new edition and a sequel: It contains some reader favorites from Everything I Have Is Blue (out of print since 2008) but includes nearly 400 pages of new material, including a reprint of a 1978 Judy Grahn story, a new translation from Italian, and excerpts from John Gilgun’s unpublished autobiography.

As a sourcebook for working-class and queer studies, meanwhile, Blue, Too features “A Blue Study: The Reader’s, Writer’s, and Scholar’s Guide” to using Blue, Too to examine the interlocking issues of queerness and social class, including discussion questions and prompts for writing and mini-research projects that connect the reader with working-class and LGBT scholarship; “Reading Blue,” an extensive annotated bibliography that represents the first-ever attempt to create an exhaustive listing of materials related to queers and class; and “Class/Mates: Further Outings in the Literatures and Cultures of the Ga(y)ted Community,” an expanded theoretical and critical essay that reviews the history and present of working-class queers in literature and pop culture.

Blue, Too: More Writing by (for or about) Working-Class Queers
ISBN-13: 978-0989980012 | 6″x9″

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