Call for Submissions: The Still Blue Project

Still Blue continues the work of the anthologies Blue, Too: More Writing By (for or about) Working-Class Queers and Everything I Have Is Blue: Short Fiction by Working-Class Men about More-or-Less Gay Life. It is a showcase for imaginative writing: short fiction, memoir, performance pieces, work that doesn’t fit the categories. Still Blue seeks to illuminate working-class-queer realities, struggles, and resistance to assimilation and mental gentrification.

The Call: New Writing Sought!

Still Blue is always seeking submissions of writing “by for or about” working-class queers by writers of all genders and sexual orientations. Previously published work is welcome as long as you hold the rights.

There are no limits regarding subject matter or form except for the following: (1) Please do not submit erotica. (Writing that is sexually explicit is certainly acceptable; writing whose chief purpose is to function as “erotica” is not). (2) Still Blue cannot use genre or “speculative” fiction. (3) We consider poetry only rarely and only if it is extremely good and directly on-topic. If you have not published poetry in the past in a reputable publication (which doesn’t include self or web publication), you’re unlikely to have success with it here. Read the poems we’ve included on The Still Blue Project pages ( to get an idea of what we consider “good” and “on-topic.” (4) For those who’d like to submit creative nonfiction, essays, personal reflections, or similar material, we highly recommend a close reading of “Are You Tired of the Social Justice Outrage Machine?” [or a .pdf is here]  The fact that class inequalities or discrimination are outrageous isn’t reason enough to write. At least not usually.

Submit your writing to The Still Blue Project as an email attachment formatted in Word. Include a short biography.


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